About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Children learn at their own individual pace.  Our responsibility as adults is to set up an environment that is full of rich learning opportunities across all developmental areas.  Children need to feel loved and safe in order to feel the confidence to explore and try new experiences.  Our job as adults is to make sure all children feel loved and safe and to encourage them to try new experiences and support their successes as well as their mistakes.  


Health & Safety

  • In 2020 we live in a new world we had never planned for but are following CDC guidelines to prepare and make sure all our staff and children are safe.  

  • Parental Drop off and Pick up will take place in the front of the building. 

  • Temperature checks will be done before the child can enter the building. 

  • All staff will be required to do temperature checks each morning. 

  • There is a hand sanitizing station when entering the building. 

  • Children and staff will be required to sanitize hands before snacks and meals.  

  • Staff is required to wear masks. 

  • Staff is required to wear gloves when handling child food and drinks.

  • If any child shows signs of illness they will immediately be removed from the classroom to the Director's Office until a parent can pick them up.  

  • Classrooms are disinfected according to EPA standards daily.